We,Stichting Lalibela Rotterdam in cooperation with Lalibela Provisional Committee for Emergency Relief, on behalf of our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, of the region of Lalibela and the surrounding area,s.
Many were forced to leave there homes and families to nearby regions due to war and oppression .Stichting Lalibela from 2018 onwards has been supporting individuals as well as families that we come in contact with on our pilgrimage to the Lalibela Province of Ethiopia.
Through one of our contacts brother Gashaw Tilahun a son of the soil have brought us into contact with many of the refugees, whereby we were able to assist in means of renting of two compounds which housed the majority of the refugees, food,water, clothes, blankets and medicine ,plane tickets and bus tickets to leave the distressed area,s fleeing to Addis Abeba and Bahr Dahr.Amongst those that fled to Addis Abeba was one of our younger contacts Wendm Besfat Alelgn and Nahom Misgan Yismaw these are some of the ts,adiki,i wenidimochi (righteous brothers) that was mobilised to help bring relief to there brothers and sisters in need.
And by the grace of the Almighty Igzia,biher together with Mikael and the host of angels,the Ethiopian Army , Provisioal Government and dedicated citizens of Ethiopia have been able to liberate the Lalibela Province as well as the surrounding Provinces that were also under attack.

As the situation slowly desolves many are returning back home to rebuild. Another valuable contact through Gashaw Tilahun was Tebebe Mesfin the co-founding member of the Lalibela Provisional Committee for Emergency Relief and Ras Muligeta (trusted and beloved friend of Stichting Lalibela) we were able to raise some funds with many others who wish to remain anonymous to send a truck load of supplies to the province to be distributed amongst the community.
As many are now returning back in time to celebrate Genna the focus turns towards the rebuilding of the town and community we hereby send out a request to one and all to join this project in assisting with the restoration of an ancient and Historical World Heritage Christian Site and her people.

May Igzia,Biher continue to bless Ehiopia and Her people as She continue,s to stretch forth her hands unto Him.

31 Princes shall come out of Egypt; Ethiopia shall soon stretch out her hands unto God.
Psalm 68:31

”Igzia,biher yibariki” the truck with relief supplies such as (Teff flour a native Ethiopian crop used to make Injera,sugar,edible oil,salt,papers and some medicine) leaving Bahr Dahr enroute to Lalibela.