Since 2016 Stichting Lalibela has been busy with cleaning yards our goal was to help out the less fortunate as well as those who could not take care of there own gardens.From that time untill now we have been busy with individual home owners as well as individual renters to working with Tuindorp VreeWijkCooperatie and Stichting Havensteder WoonCooperatie doing gardens on request by there District managers .In the Process of our cooperation we were able to take part and lead many of there community efforts to involve them in a cohesive attempt to keep there community clean and green . To bring in a social eco system of citizens helping each other with the goal of a cleaner and greener Vreewijk.
Services are being rendered to the Elderly ,Single Mothers the disabled and for those who do not have the time to do so for themselves. In the services rendered one can receive a full garden cleaning ,trimming of hedges ,pruning of small trees and flowers laying down of turf ,putting down of garden tiles and much more in consultation with our Crew members.
Through the rapid growing of our clientel it was necesarry for us to bring volunteers to help assist in the upkeep of the neighborhood.Some of the Volunteers that we worked are refugees from Ethiopia and Eritrea Netherlands and the Carribean ,Cape Verde.

We were blessed to work together with many different organizations such as the previously mentioned Tuindorp VreewijkCooperatie ,Havensteder District managers Team, Stichting Pameijer,Planet Care , Carnisse Tuin (before it became a parking lot) many to numerous to mention.
Overgrown walk path before
Walkpath after
Overgrown communal garden before
Communal ; Garden after
Overgrown communal Garden next side before
Communal Garden next side after
Model Garden before
Model garden in between fase
Model Garden final stages
Model garden herb garden end fase.
Overgrown garden before
Overgrown garden after
Preperation for turf before
Turf laid
Overgrown Communal corner garden before.
Overgrown Communal corner garden after.